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Consultants, Coaches, Authors, Musicians, Designers, Computer Programmers, etc.
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Real situation

Neal’s story


Neal, a super creative photographer, registered his creations with Artizyou. He discovered that a well-known travel agency used one of his photos to advertise a vacation package. They used his work without his permission. Neal received a notification from our detection engine that his photograph was published.


Neal didn’t panic and followed the clearly set out steps in his member's area. He launched one of the pre-composed letters written by our legal partner and ended up getting paid for the use plus an apology from the user.


Neal feels secure knowing he doesn’t have to spend hours looking for unauthorized use of his creations and instead trots out everyday looking for the perfect shot to add to his long list of creations.


Whether Neal had a book, a blog, a sculpture, a design, or anything else, our super-smart detection engine would have found it and reported back to him….

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  • Register up to creations*
  • Get official proof of ownership for each creation
  • Free Unauthorized-use Detection for 1 year
  • Email notification if detection engine finds your creation posted elsewhere on the net
* Creations include but are not limited to:
  • PowerPoint presentations,
  • PDFs documents,
  • logos / brand,
  • industrial designs,
  • graphic design,
  • books design,
  • book covers,
  • infographics,
  • paintings pictures,
  • computer code / Algorithmes,
  • blog posts,
  • articles,
  • art-work Song lyrics,
  • Etc.


Artizyou™ is a solution dedicated to the protection and promotion of creatives. Artizyou™ uses the highest level of artificial intelligence and the legendary safety of the Blockchain.

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