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Real situation

Neal’s story


Neal's Triumph:
A Photographer's Victory Story

Meet Neal – a visionary photographer whose creativity knows no bounds. In a world where every snapshot captures a piece of his soul, he entrusted his creations to the safeguarding embrace of Artizyou. Little did he know that this decision would transform his artistic journey forever.


The Discovery: Neal's lens had captured the essence of wanderlust in a breathtaking photo. Yet, shockingly, a prominent travel agency brazenly featured his work to promote vacation packages. A blatant disregard for his ownership rights left Neal both outraged and determined to reclaim what was rightfully his. Then, like a vigilant sentinel, Artizyou's detection engine intervened.


The Notification: In the midst of his creative fervor, a notification from Artizyou illuminated Neal's screen. A surge of emotions rushed through him as he learned that his photograph had been published without his consent. Artizyou's unwavering watchfulness had not only detected the unauthorized use but also alerted Neal with swift precision.


Seizing Control with Artizyou: With the poise of an artist, Neal navigated to his member's area, where clarity and empowerment awaited him. Artizyou's meticulously outlined steps empowered him to take action seamlessly. In a matter of moments, Neal unleashed the might of a pre-composed legal letter crafted by Artizyou's trusted legal partner.


A Triumph Unfolds: The tide had turned. Neal's well-crafted letter struck like lightning, demanding not just justice, but recompense. The tables had turned, and the travel agency found itself compensating Neal for the unauthorized use of his masterpiece. An apology followed suit, a testimony to the unyielding power of an artist who refused to be silenced.


Empowerment Embodied: Artizyou had not just returned Neal's rights; it had emboldened him. With newfound security, he traversed each day with a heart full of creativity, seeking the next perfect shot to immortalize in his ever-expanding collection. Freed from the shackles of constant vigilance, Neal epitomized the essence of an artist unburdened.


Limitless Horizons: Whether it's a photograph, a book, a sculpture, a design, or any creation under the sun, Artizyou's ingenious detection engine stands as an unyielding ally. For Neal, and creators like him, Artizyou uncovers the shadows of unauthorized use and paves the way for a future where artistic brilliance thrives unhindered. Join Neal in His Triumph – Unleash the Power of Artizyou Today.

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  • Register up to creations*
  • Get official proof of ownership for each creation
  • Free Unauthorized-use Detection for 1 year
  • Email notification if detection engine finds your creation posted elsewhere on the net
* Creations include but are not limited to:
  • PowerPoint presentations,
  • PDFs documents,
  • logos / brand,
  • industrial designs,
  • graphic design,
  • books design,
  • book covers,
  • infographics,
  • paintings pictures,
  • computer code / Algorithmes,
  • blog posts,
  • articles,
  • art-work Song lyrics,
  • Etc.


Artizyou™ is a solution dedicated to the protection and promotion of creatives. Artizyou™ uses the highest level of artificial intelligence and the legendary safety of the Blockchain.

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